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Anglo-List Fights for the Rights of Haifa's Carmelit Passengers & is Victorious!


In August 2015, Anglo-List joined the campaign to fight for the rights of passengers of the Haifa underground - The Carmelit.  We petitioned the Haifa Municipality and the Ministry of Transport. We wanted the Rav Kav multi-transport ticketing system to include the Carmelit in the Metropolin network, and that there should be a 90 minute window that we could use our ticket for a return or continuation journey within the Metropolin network. Within a few days we managed to get over 1,300 signatures to our petition.

The initial official response from Yisrael Katz - The Minister of Transport and Yona Yahav - Mayor of Haifa was that the Carmelit is not categorized as public transport as it is privately owned/run.  We were very disappointed and frustrated at this response.  How could it be that a transport system used by the public is not categorized as 'public transport'?  Five of the Carmelit's 6 stations are in areas where residents live on very modest incomes - lots of single parents and new immigrants. Two local Haifa media picked up on our petition and helped us get the word out.  On the 19th December, 2016 - 15 months later - an official notification was published

החל מה – 1 בינואר 2017: כרטיס רב – קו גם בכרמלית

הכרטיס המשולב יאפשר לנוסעים לבצע מעבר של 90 דקות בין הכרמלית לכל כלי התחבורה הציבורים, במטרופולין חיפה באמצעות כרטיס רב קו, ללא כל תוספת תשלום."

As of January 1st, 2017, the Rav Kav ticket will enable passengers to take advantage of the 90 minute window between the Carmelit and all other public transport in the Haifa Metropolin network at no additional expense.


On Friday, 23 December 2016, Kolbo Haifa, a local and popular printed newspaper in Haifa, who were also involved in the campaign published the story.  The section hi-lighted in green refers to the Anglo-List's petition.

Our voices have been heard.  We are victorious. This is an amazing outcome for Haifa's residents and those that use the Carmelit on a daily basis.

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