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Aliyah Frustrations – Survey Results.

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Last Updated on October 21, 2021

What’s got Olim pulling their hair out? What are the biggest Aliyah frustrations?

So what has Anglo olim and expats in Israel so frustrated?  What are the biggest and most troubling issues and frustrations of our Aliyah and relocation? A recent Anglo-list poll asked that question and  we were completely surprised by the by the resultsLearning Hebrew? Jobs and employment?  They certainly do rank in the top 5, but the thing that has us going the most is dealing with service providers.

How many times have we had to clean up after the repairman?  How many hours went by waiting for a call back from HOT?  How many promises have service providers made us? Time after time we have been let down.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we never had to deal with this?  If only we had a reliable and oleh-friendly dentist,  lawyer,  insurance broker who understood our expectations, spoke our language and knew what “SERVICE” really meant.

When we designed the poll, we were trying to gather some information and statistics for an article.  We expected language, employment and financial issues to top the list and we were surprised to see how many people considered these less important.

Now the million dollar question.  What is the solution?  What do we need to do to make it better?  Will it ever change? Should we continue to rant and rave on forums?  Should deal with Anglos only?

After conducting this poll, we realized that our Business Directory was a far more significant resource that we had ever imagined. We now know for sure that Anglos want someone they can trust, someone who is reliable, consistent and committed to giving us good service first time around.

Business Directory

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