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Best Customer Service

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Last Updated on November 18, 2013

The Anglo-list Customer Service Award

Could it be you?


Some moths ago we conducted a poll.  We asked the public what there biggest Aliyah or relocation frustration was.  Was it employment? Finances? Learning Hebrew? No – none of these!

Dealing with unreliable service providers was voted as the biggest frustration. More than 650 people participated in the poll.

We all value customer service.  When we were abroad, we could demand it and we would get it.  But since we are here, we have learned to settle for less.

We are doing our bit to raise the bar.  At regular intervals, we will choose one business, from our Business Directory, with the best ratings and reviews and they will become the recipient of the Anglo-list Customer Service Award and will be recommended, promoted and featured on our website and across our social networks.

It could be you!  Get your clients rate and review your service and you could be next in line.

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