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Israel TransportTransport between Ben Gurion Airport & Haifa

Transport between Ben Gurion Airport & Haifa

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Last Updated on August 15, 2019

Getting from Ben Gurion Airport to Haifa.

Best transport options for getting to Haifa from Ben Gurion Airport are by train, bus, shuttle or taxi.

ben gurion to haifa
Haifa – The Worker’s City, a view of the Bahai Terraces, Bahai Temple, the German Colony and the Port  (Image credit: Unsplash)

Train to and from Ben Gurion Airport

Getting to  Ben Gurion Airport (NATBAG) from Haifa and vice-versa is easy.

The northbound train from from Ben Gurion International Airport starts its journey in Modi’in.  After stopping at the airport it travels on to all  four stations in Tel Aviv including; HaHaganah station, HaShalom station (Azrielli), Savidor station and Tel Aviv University station.  It continues northwards stopping at Binyamina, and then continues to all of the Haifa stations; Hof HaCarmel Central Station; Bat Galim, Hashmonah (Central) and Merkazit Hamifratz Central Station.  The train continues northwards to the Krayot, Akko and then onto the last station which is Nahariya.

The train station is located at the lower level of Ben Gurion’s Terminal 3 on Platform 1.

The train doesn’t operate on Shabbat (Friday evening through Saturday evening) or on religious holidays. 

Ticket price between Haifa and Ben Gurion Airport:35.50 Shekels = $US 10

Bus to and from Ben Gurion Airport

The bus stations are located at gate 01. Bus line 947 takes passengers from the airport to Haifa Hof HaCarmel Central Station. It is a 2.5 hour bus trip and the bus meanders its way through Petach Tikva, Raanana then northwards on Rd No. 4 to Hadera, stopping along the way until it reaches Haifa.  The first bus from Ben Gurion starts at 7a.m. and the last bus leaves Ben Gurion at 9p.m. The last bus on Friday afternoon is at 5:00pm (summer).

Ticket price: 34 NIS 

It must be noted that the bus does not go into the airport anymore.  The bus stop is approximately a 500m walk from the airport entrance.  From the entrance it is still a 5-10 minute car journey to the terminal buildings.  Don’t expect to walk the route. 

Private taxi to and from Ben Gurion Airport

The taxis at Ben Gurion Airport operate under the supervision of the Israel Airports Authority. Taxi stands are located outside the arrival hall. Reduced rate licensed taxis can be found on Level 2 of Terminal 3 (take the escalators to your left after you pass through customs). It is recommended to use only licensed taxis. Make sure you negotiate your fare before setting out.

A private taxi between Ben Gurion and Haifa costs in the region of 500 NIS (US$150) – September 2021

Shared taxis to and from Ben Gurion Airport

sherut or a shared taxi is a very popular and convenient way of cutting costs and traveling in Israel especially to and from Ben Gurion Airport to  Haifa. Sheruts also run to other parts of the country, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sheruts are located on Level G outside the Arrivals Hall.  Usually they are minibuses which carry around 10 passengers either to the main bus station or direct to the passengers precise destination.  The sherut will also pick you up from your front door if you book in advance.

It is usual that the sherut waits to fill up with passengers before commencing the journey which could mean a substantial wait.  Sometimes the passengers might decide to chip in a little extra to make up the missing fares and get the driver to depart.

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  1. We took the bus from Haifa to the airport. We discovered that the bus stop had moved. It is no longer in the airport but adjacent to the main gate. It’s far so you need to take a taxi from the main gate to the terminal. We paid 50 shekels for that.


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