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EducationPreparing for the Bagrut - Israel Matriculation Exam.

Preparing for the Bagrut – Israel Matriculation Exam.

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Last Updated on November 6, 2021

Bagrut – The  Israel Matriculation Examination

Hebrew:  בגרות

bagrut matric exam

Bagrut exams, Israel matriculation, are written in Grades 11 and 12. Subjects are written in modules from 1 – 5. Once a module has been completed a student is required to write and pass an exam. Without a bagrut, your child will not be able to enter an Israeli university. Rewriting the bagrut exams or catching-up after serving in the army, can be costly and difficult.

Special accommodations and leniencies (hakalot) are made for new olim who are required to write their bagrut matriculation exams within the first 3 years of their Aliyah.

How it Works


Secondary education prepares students for the Israeli matriculation exams (bagrut). Subjects are studied in modules (yehidot limud) from one to five on an ascending scale of difficulty. Hebrew language, English language, Mathematics, Jewish studies and Literature are mandatory. There is also a selection of electives. Students with a passing mark on these subjects, who have been tested on at least 21 modules and also passed at least one 5-unit exam, receive a full matriculation certificate from the Ministry of Education.

In order to get your Bagrut certificate you need to pass a minimum of 21 modules as follows:

  • 2 modules of Tanach (Bible study)
  • 2 modules of History
  • 2 modules of Lashon (Language)
  • 1 module of Ezrachut (Civics)
  • 3 modules of Maths and up to 5
  • 3 modules of English and up to 5
  • 2 modules of Safrut (Literature)
  • Sport (counted as 1 module)
You also have a choice of studying other subjects like geography, communications chemistry, biology etc. in which you need to get a minimum of 5 additional units.

Good bagrut results will impact your child’s future. In Israel, acceptance into elite military units, academic studies, and employment opportunities may be influenced by your Bagrut results.

The score/mark recorded for the pupil in each of the subjects, included in his/her Bagrut certificate, is a combination of the average of the grade fixed by his/her high school called the “magen” and the grade received on the final examination as set and graded by the Ministry of Education.

Vocational and agricultural high schools offer diplomas that allow you to continue in technical or engineering fields but without the matriculation exam.

A School Leaving Certificate

A school leaving certificate is awarded to a student who has completed 12 years of schooling but has not succeeded in passing the matriculation examinations

What happens if a student does not get a bagrut certificate?

There are many private colleges that offer bagrut courses.  Courses can be taken one at a time or concurrently.  This is a very attractive solution for someone who wishes to study part-time.  Studying at one of these private colleges does not come cheap.  Budget approximately 3,000 shekels per subject.  The college may offer you a special deal and payment plans.

Useful Information

The Ministry of Education

Tel: 02-560 2222
2 Rechov Devorah, Jerusalem

Public Inquiries, Complaints & Information, Rules & Procedures

Tel: 1-800-250-025

Matriculation Department

Tel: 02-5602489
29 Rechov Shivtei Yisrael, Jerusalem

Open line for students

Tel: 1-800-222-003

Elem – Association for at Risk Youth

Tel:  03-7686666

Al Sam – Anti Drug Use Association

Tel: 1-700-505-055
Business Directory

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