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Last Updated on July 18, 2021

Anglo-list on Arutz7 –  A New Approach to Aliyah: Aliyah Coaching

Now you can get a coach to guide and help you through your Aliyah and relocation.

5/9/2013, 1:37 PM

A7 Radio’s “ALIYAH FEVER!” with Avraham Venismach & Rav Michael Cohen

Just as you would get the help of a coach to guide you through a business or personal issue, now you can get a coach to guide and help you through your Aliyah and relocation.  Aliyah Coaching is a unique coaching and mentoring program initiated and developed by the Anglo-List.com and TUT Communications & Results.  The program is designed to give you the tools you need to ensure your success in Israel on all levels. On-line coaching prior to your Aliyah, instructional videos, worksheets and exercises are all part of this program.  Coaching continues when you are in Israel with individual and group coaching sessions.

The Anglo-list.com was founded in 2009 by Suzanne Suckerman, originally from Johannesburg she made Aliyah in 1989 and  has been living in Haifa ever since. The Anglo-list is an Aliyah and Israel lifestyle website.  Its mission is to provide the English speaking community with very practical information needed to integrate successfully into Israeli society. New immigrants, international students, contract workers use the site. before and after their relocation, Learning Hebrew, translations of important documents, practical tips and suggestions, Aliyah information, general services and tourist information are just some of the many features of the website.  As a free service, you can advertise job opportunities and sell your second-hand stuff in the classified section.  The Business Directory connects the Anglo community with English speaking, oleh friendly, professional service providers around the country. The Anglo-list also has a professional networking group and a well established and large Facebook community.

Maayan Zweig, Israeli born, spent some of her childhood years in South Africa.  She then came back to serve in the I.D.F and made a new life for herself in Israel. Maayan lives 4 km from Gaza in an agricultural settlement.  She believes that we have a responsibility to realize the dreams of our grandparents – the pioneers of this country.   She is a senior marketing consultant, lecturer, trainer and mentor with TUT Communications – Israel’s leading coaching company. Maayan will develop a  tailor-made program that will help you reach your goals and realize your dreams in Israel.  You will be coached in all aspects of business development and strategies, employment, getting clients, making contacts, creating financial stability, family management etc. Maayan will do anything in her power to help you establish yourselves here in Israel.

It is so sad to see a new immigrant loose heart and hope, and it is even sadder if they are forced to or choose to leave the country.  It was in this spirit of community that the Anglo-list.com and TUT developed this idea and program.  With determination you can create success anywhere, but it is the most amazing feeling to create success in Israel.

Now, the Aliyah Coaching project has been taken one step further.  Misrad Haklitah – The Ministry of Absorption has approved the program and have appointed TUT Communications as their official business and training representatives.  This means that under certain conditions, new immigrants may qualify and receive some training hours for free.  This is an incredible opportunity!

The Jewish Agency and your Aliyah organization will still be taking care of the initial Aliyah process and arrangements but further down the line, Aliyah Coaching will give you the tools for a successful Aliyah.  Participating in the Aliyah Coaching program could be the most important decision of your life. For more information about the.

Contact the Anglo-List for more information

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