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PurimAnnual Purim Events & Parades.

Annual Purim Events & Parades.

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Last Updated on October 23, 2021

The Main Purim Parade – The Adloyadah


Did you know that the word Adloyadah is the term used to refer to a Purim parade.  The word is derived from the Hebrew phrase – Ad-lo-yo-day-ah – “until one no longer knows”.  The name is derived from the rabbinic saying in the Talmud that one should revel on Purim by drinking “until one no longer knows” (ad de-lo yaday-ah).

These are just some of the Purim parades regularly held across the country:

Holon Adloyadah Purim Parade

The Holon Adloyadah Purim parade is one of the most impressive Purim parades that take place.  It’s a massive carnival held in the city of Holon, south of Tel Aviv. The event is great fun for kids and adults alike.

The parade starts on Sokolov Street and ends at the corner of Weizmann and Golomb Streets. The Holon Adloyadah includes exhibits, dancers, bands, orchestras, drummers, street performers, acrobats and more.

Beer Sheva Old City Carnival

A street party in Beer Sheva – details not yet available

Tel Aviv Purim Street Party

The annual Tel Aviv Purim Street Party is usually held on Sderot Rotschild.

Purim in Safra Square, Jerusalem

The central Purim festival is a huge party that takes place in Safra Square, Jerusalem. With kids in mind, there will be special activities and performances

Purim at Israel’s Many Museums

Many of the museums around the country hold special events for Purim.  Lots of fun and hands-on activities for the kids. Treat your kids to an outing at the Bloomfield Children’s museum

Modiin Adloyadah

There are many Purim celebrations in Modiin this year and include a party for youth, a youth movement event, workshops, a girls only party and Megilah readings across town.  See the Modiin Municipality’s ModiinApp for more details.

Herzliyah Adloyadah

An annual Adloyada is held in Herzliya in the town center.


The Raanana Adloyada has activities for children of all ages and often includes a Capoeira performance

Purim in Haifa

Lots of Purim activities in Haifa every year.  The main event are activities and  a street market in the Hadar neighborhood on Herzl St. on Friday.

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