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Learn the basics of SEO and build sustainable organic traffic.

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Website Analytical Data - Image credit: Unsplash

If you are a small business owner and believe you don't need a website, you are wrong. A Facebook business page, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles are just not enough. Eighty five percent of all transactions today start with an internet search.  More people use mobile devices to access the internet and if you are not concentrating your efforts on building a mobile-friendly (responsive), search engine optimized (SEO) online presence, soon it will become impossible to find you.

SEO is more than just a buzz word.  It's an ever changing and complicated science but it's the way search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.) find and rank you.  It's the way your website gets traffic and referrals that can, in turn, be converted into sales.

We are in constant communication with olim, small business owners just like you who are trying to grow their business in Israel.  They want to hold on to their standards and best business practices but at the same time, they are trying to break into the Israeli, Hebrew speaking, market. 

Hebrew, English, which way to go? In this series of articles we will introduce you to the many aspects of search engine optimization; analyzing your traffic, extracting data, measuring, tracking, changing and optimizing your content as well as tips and tools to improve your rankings.

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