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Aliyah InformationAliyah Shipping - Frequently Asked Questions.

Aliyah Shipping – Frequently Asked Questions.

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Last Updated on December 12, 2021

Aliyah Shipping FAQs & Answers.

יבוא אישי עולה חדש – שאלות ותשובות

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I do not yet have a date for Aliyah. Is it to early to do a visual estimate?

Even if you don’t have your exact flight date, a visual estimate can be given.

I won’t have an address in Israel until after I get there. Can I still arrange pick-up?

Your shipping agent can pick up and even ship your goods without a final destination. Obviously they cannot deliver the goods without a final destination. Please ask your Aliyah Shipping specialist for more details.



What should my goods be insured for?

UTS Insurance specifies goods be insured for “Replacement Value at Destination” so you should insure your goods for what it would cost to buy a new one here in Israel. If you have no idea of prices here in Israel, ask your Aliyah Shipping Specialist for online stores, or general guidelines for price differences. 

Here are a couple of websites that could help you determine replacement value:  ZAP and Zabilo – even though these websites are in Hebrew, you can type in the brand-name in English letters and the search will bring up correct results.

I’m getting a grant to pay for my shipping but won’t get the money until after the first payment is due. Are the terms flexible?

Please let your Aliyah Shipping Specialist know which Aliyah organization is supplying the grant or loan. Chances are they can work with them to help you with shipping  for Aliyah. Ultimately, however, the final payment is due before delivery, so please make sure you are able to pay before you ship.

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