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Aliyah, Relocating & Living in Raanana

Hebrew: רעננה




Overview of Raanana


Thinking about living in Raanana? The commuter town of Raanana lies in the central district of Israel, in the heart of the Sharon plain, to the north east of Tel Aviv.  With close to 80,000 residents, Raanana has a mixed population of English speakers, South- and Latin-Americans, French, Russian and Hebrew speakers.  Raanana has a fairly large religious Jewish population.

The industrial area, comprising mainly hi-tech companies, (Kiryat Etgarim) is at the northern entrance to the city.  Microsoft’s head office, Amdocs, Hewlett Packard and Texas Instruments are all represented in Raanana.


Raanana  is rectangular in shape.  Ahuza Street, is the main road and divides the town into 2 almost equal halves. Ahuza Street is similar to the “high-street” in England. With lots of shops, eateries, wide sidewalks and flat terrain, it is easy to amble along.

The traffic lights in Ahuza Street are numbered, from 1 to 15, from the South Raanana Junction all the way down to Rechov Yerushalayim – it is easy to find your way, just turn at left at traffic light number 4 or right at number 7.

Weizmann Street begins at the Raanana North Junction and runs parallel to Ahuza Street. The traffic lights on Weizmann are also numbered, from 1 to 8, in the same way as those on Ahuza.  The Street runs east-west and takes you from the industrial zone, the hi-tech center through the residential area to the new development - Lev Hapark.  A new suburb called “2005” was recently developed on the east side.

Mostly the nightlife revolves around the pubs in the industrial zone, the restaurants and eateries on Ahuza and the cinemas in the Renanim and The Park, shopping malls. 

Population of Raanana

With an population of just over 70,000 (2014), Raanana tends to attract families Around one quarter of the population are immigrants.  While there are a lot of facilities and entertainment options for singles, singles tend to  move to Tel Aviv, about 15km away, where they can enjoy the night-life and social scene.

Why do people choose Raanana an as Aliyah destination?

  • High standard of living
  • Large concentration of English speakers
  • High level of education & special attention to new immigrants
  • Many cultural and social activities aimed at new immigrants
  • Sports and leisure facilities
  • Centrally located, 25 minutes from Tel Aviv
  • A wide choice of synagogues, some specifically geared to the new immigrant population.
  • The popular Raanana Absorption Center and Ulpan
  • Aliyah support before and during the absorption process
  • Large community of supportive veteran immigrants
  • The Aliyah organizations of  ESRA (English-speaking), TELFED (South Africa), OLEI (Latin America), UNIFAN (France).  The AACI (US and Canada) office is now in Tel Aviv,


Housing & property prices for Raanana


Property in Raanana is known to be expensive. 

Purchase prices are approximately as follows:
3 bedroom Apartment can cost upward of - US$ 300,000
4 bedroom Apartment can cost upward of - US$ 400,000
5 bedroom Apartment can cost upward of - US$ 500,000

Approximate rental prices per month are:
3 bedroom Apartment can cost upward of - US$ 1,000
4 bedroom Apartment can cost upward of - US$ 1,250
5 bedroom Apartment can cost upward of - US$ 1,500


2016 Raanana housing price update

Ministry of Finance: Prices dropped 3.8% in the third quarter of 2016 in Ra'anana, and fell further in October-November.

"We're already no longer in a housing market with rising prices. Prices in Ra'anana, for example, are on a downtrend," a developer in a National Outline Plan 38 company active in the town said several weeks ago at a real estate conference on urban renewal. "It is more difficult today to sell housing in Ra'anana," another developer active in the city said on different occasion. When contractors and developers say prices are going down, it is worth paying attention.  More...

Globes: 22nd January 2017

Jobs & Employment in Raanana

There are many employment opportunities in the area, especially in the Kiryat Etgarim Business Park - an important hi-tech center.

Check out our Job Board for job listings in the Raanana area

Schooling & Education

Raanana has 12 elementary schools, 10 middle schools and 8 high-schools. The education level in Raanana is considered to be one of Israel's highest. It also has special educational frameworks for gifted students and for students with different disabilities.  Raanana also had schools with a unique educational ideology; religious pluralistic schools and a democratic school.

Education is a top priority in Raanana .  According to the Raanana Municipality, the city spends around  a third of the municipal budget on all aspects of education. According to statistics from the Ministry of Education, Raanana is ranked in first place in the Sharon region and second nationally in the number of high school graduates.

Some of Raanana's High Schools encourage the study of technology and science and programs for gifted children.

Middle school students can study in various fields; cinema, television; drama and theater;  plastic arts; music; dance, science;  sports etc.

A zero-tolerance policy has been implemented for bullying and physical and verbal violence. Encouraging volunteer activities is a high priority of the Education Department.  Many afternoon programs are also available in the town.

Higher education: The Open University and the Raanana College attract students and academics from the entire country.

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Eating out

Many of Raanana’s eateries and restaurants are Kosher, mostly under the supervision of the local Rabbinate.  Salad bars and coffee shops, sushi, patisseries, Middle Eastern, falafel, hummous and schwarma are just part of the wide selection of eateries to be found in  Raanana.

Restaurant reviews

Raanana attractions & places of interest


Gallery by the Lake is located at 10 Hapark Street

Opening Hours:  

  • Sundays-Thursdays 10:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 21:00
  • Fridays from 10:00 to 14:00 and 19:00 to 22:00;
  • Saturdays:  19:00 – 21:00.

Lev Hapark Community Center is located at 3 Yair Stern Street

Opening  Hours: 

  • Sundays to Fridays 10:00 to 13:00,
  • Mondays to Thursdays 16:00 to 21:00.

Free Stuff

Probably Raanana’s most famous landmark is “The Park”.  This very large public park, the largest green area in the Sharon region, is surrounded by tranquil suburbs and a small commercial center. 

8 good reasons for going

  1. The Park has walking and biking trails
  2. A biblical “Seven Species” garden
  3. The Founder’s Museum,
  4. Free shows in the amphitheater in the summer
  5. A zoo and a petting corner
  6. Playground equipment for the kids
  7. Plenty of parking
  8. Fun for the whole family

2 top tips

  1. Take a packed lunch, have a picnic and enjoy watching the swans on the lake
  2. There is a small entrance fee for non-resident visitors to the park on weekends, holidays and school vacations

Raanana's Traditional Annual Adloyada Purim Parade

The Raanana Purim parade, held along the main street – Ahuza, has been held annually for over 20 years.  It is a creative community project that includes various art fields and contributions by students, parents and teachers.  Great costumes and floats!

Sporting Activities

The Raanana Marathon

The Raanana marathon is Israel's largest marathon.  It is an annual event that attracts some 10,000 participants country wide.  The event comprises of a 10km marathon, a 3km marathon and a 10km hand bicycle marathon for the disabled.  The route changes from time to time and currently includes Rechov Ahuza as well.

Lawn Bowls

Don't be surprised if you hear someone saying, "The grass is running" or "we need a wood on the head".  He is not talking nonsense!  If you  hear this conversation then you are probably at the Raanana Lawn Bowls Club.  Lawn Bowlers consider it to be a game of extreme skill, strategy and self-control.  The game is enjoyed by many English speaking residents of Raanana.


If you prefer a more active sport then Raanana Squash Courts are for you.  Recently renovated, there are 8 squash courts open to the public.

2 top tips

  • The annual Israel squash championship is held here
  • Classes are held for those that want to learn the game

For Young Kids

Ra'anana isn't really a hive of activity for kids.  Although, Park Haverim (Friendship Park) is designed for children (and adults) with special needs, but was built specifically to allow disabled and non-disabled children to play together. The playground is equipped with mazes, a carousel, swings and slides that can accommodate a wheelchair, as well as adaptations for children with hearing and sight impairments. Friendship Park hosts weekend and afternoon social activities, as well as workshops in primary schools, to promote the acceptance of those who are different.

The Ya'ar Hakasum (Magic Forest) in the Renanim Mall is a fantasy indoor "playground" where they do expensive kids birthday parties.

Raanana's Malls & Shopping Districts


renanim mall

Renanim Mall

Renanim Mall in the industrial area, is the main shopping mall in Raanana It is a typical Israeli mall with 2 floors of the usual chain clothing stores – Zara, Fox, Crazy Line etc. An area is also allocated to designer and more exclusive stores; clothing, shoes and lingerie – Nine West, Dorin Frankfurt, Rocket Dog, Naturalizer and other Israeli designers.

There are 7 movie theaters and  VIP theater service is also available here. The Mashbir department store, a supermarket and Office Depot can all be found in the mall.  There is also a gym and a ten-pin bowling alley.

The major cellphone companies and a bank are located in the mall


Location: 2 Hamelecha Street  

Opening hours:Sunday to Thursday 10:00 - 22:00
Friday: 09:00 - 16:00
Saturday night: 21:00 - 23:00

Top Tips

  • Plenty of covered parking
  • Avoid Fridays if possible
  • Special parking areas allocated to moms with prams and of course the disabled
  • Easily accessible by bus
Park Mall

The Park Mall

The Park Mall – across the way from Raanana's famous park -  “The Park”  - there is a small, suburban shopping mall.

Reasons for going

  - pharmacy
  - movie houses
  - eateries and a Tiv Taam supermarket.   


Suburban Shopping in Raanana

Ahuza Street is the hub of shopping in Raanana and has a wide selection of stores - from designer to “dollar shops” as well as a large selection of eateries – coffee shops, restaurants and supermarkets. Meatland carries 'from-home' food items.

Medical & Health Care Services

The Meir Medical Center in Kfar Saba, at 59 Tchernichovsky Street, is the main medical center of the Sharon and Shomron area, serving some 600,000 people.  The Meir Medical Center has around 700 beds. Originally a tuberculosis hospital it now operates as a regular hospital under the Kupat Holim Klalit Health Fund. The hospital is affiliated to School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University with Bar Ilan University.

Telephone Numbers

  • Hospital Switchboard 09-7472555
  • Emergency Information 1255199

Loewenstein Rehabilitation Hospital (pronounced Levenstein) is the only rehabilitation hospital which belongs to the Clalit Health Services and can accommodate 240 patients for short and long term care.

As a national rehabilitative center, patients are admitted from all parts of the country, and from all the health funds, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Health, general hospitals and clinics in the community and abroad.   The center treats among others, accident victims, trauma patients, neurological injuries and terror victims.

Contact details:

  • Tel: 09-770 9090
  • Address: Ahuza Street 278

Raanana commuters and public transport options

Of the many routes connecting Raanana to the rest of the country, the Egged bus service in  Raanana has a few very convenient internal bus routes:

  • Bus route No. 4 is a circular route commencing at the Raanana country club.  It works its way from there to the Renanim Mall, Rechov Borochov along Ahuza and then back again to the country club.
  • Bus No. 25 goes from Raanana to the Herzliya Beach in the summer
  • Bus No. 29 goes through Kfar Saba, Raanana and Herzliya. 

In July 2018, two train stations opened in Raanana; Raanana Southand Raanana West.  You can connect with the Raanana line at any of the Tel Aviv stations


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