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Popular Israel Communities for Aliyah & Expats Living in Israel.

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Ashkelon is the best kept secret of the South and is an ideal and growing location for Olim


Beit Shemesh

Beit Shemesh - בית שמש - is a growing city located approximately 30km west of Jerusalem. The history of Beit Shemesh goes back to biblical times.


Carmit & The Negev

Carmit is a developing new community in the Northern Negev. It has been planned to accommodate more than 2,500 families consisting of both native Israelis and immigrants, of all religious beliefs. With a mix of open spaces, community living and quality of life, Carmit is fast becoming a sought after residential area in Israel and especially in the Negev


Gush Etzion

Gush Etzion (The Etzion Bloc) is located in the Judean hills between Jerusalem and Hebron. It is a collection of Israeli settlements founded in the 1920s. In 1948 during the war of Independence 240 people fell here. After the Six-Day War in 1967 many settlements, and a number of new ones, were rebuilt



Haifa is the largest. most cosmopolitan city in northern Israel and the third largest city in the country with a population of close to 300,000. Whether you have immigrated, planning your immigration, relocating to study, planning a vacation or a business trip, Haifa has much to offer.


Hebron Hills

Located in the Hebron Hills, Sussya is a religious settlement with a unique flavor. It was built within walking distance of the ancient town of Sussya, which was builtby Jews who were banished from Jerusalem by the Romans after the 2nd exile. The ancient town thrived until the 9th Century C.E. Modern Sussya, established in 1982, is the largest settlement in Har Hevron



Jerusalem has a population of over 3/4 of a million residents. Approximately 2/3 of the population are Jewish, the rest are Muslims, Christians and other religious groups. Jerusalem nestles in the Judean Hills which includes the Mount of Olives in the east and Mount Scopus in the north-east. Bethlehem lies to the south and the Dead Sea to the south-east. About 60km to the north-west is Tel Aviv


Kibbutz living

A kibbutz is generally an agricultural settlement.  It is a collective and cooperative community of people who work together as a group and share the rewards equally. 



Modiin is less than an hours drive from Jerusalem in the south and Tel Aviv in the north. In 1990, the towns of Maccabim-Reut and Modiin merged into one and are now officially known as Modiin Maccabim-Reut or just Modiin for convenience. Careful town planning, the strategic positioning of services, the modern architecture and consideration of the environment, have all contributed to the success of Modiin.



Netanya is located in the northern part of the Central District in Israel, in the plain of the Sharon. The name Netanya means "gift of G-d". With easy access to the main railway and an extensive bus service, Netanya is an ideal choice for people willing to do a half-hour commute to Tel Aviv in the south, and a similar commute to Haifa, in the north.



The commuter town of Raanana lies in the central district of Israel, in the heart of the Sharon plain, to the north east of Tel Aviv. With close to 80,000 residents, Raanana has a mixed population of English speakers, South- and Latin-Americans, French, Russian and Hebrew speakers. Raanana has a fairly large religious Jewish population


Tel Mond

Located just 15 minutes from Raanana and 10 minutes from the beaches of Netanya, Tel Mond has developed into an intimate suburban town with both religious and secular residents. Located in the heart of the Sharon region, Tel Mond is home to a vibrant and active Anglo community.


Diverse Communities in Israel & Alternative Lifestyles

The Filipino Community

The Bahai Community

The Expat Community

The Druze Community

The LGBT Community

The Messianic Community


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