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Preparing, Packing, Shipping & Delivering your Aliyah Shipment

Hebrew:עליה לישראל - אריזה והובלה לישראל


Make preparations before you start packing

Now that you’ve chosen your pick-up date, it’s time to get ready for the packing crew to show up. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Notify the shipper, before delivery, of any new items bought that will be shipped directly to their warehouse, This way the shipper will know to add them to your Aliyah Shipment.
  2. If you choose to insure your goods while shipping for aliyah, make the itemized insurance list in advance. It is easier to make this list while the goods are visible and unpacked.
  3. If you are packing your own goods, make sure boxes are packed before the crew arrives. For owner packed goods, number each box and write the contents of each box on a separate numbered packing list.  Take a photograph of this list and keep it in your smartphone.  If you lose the actual list, you will have some back-up.
  4. Before the crew arrives, separate and mark (ie. with a big X on a sheet of paper) what is staying from what is being shipped. You will not have time, the packers are there, to sort the items. Make it as clear as possible, for example “Everything in this room goes, everything in that room stays” or “Everything on this side of the big rope goes, everything on that side of the big rope stays”.
  5. Keep the entire day available. Even if you are only shipping a small amount of goods, it makes sense to be ready early. This is a good day to send pets and small children to a neighbor’s house. Have plenty of cold water, some snacks and a bathroom available for the packing crew.
  6. Before the packers leave, take a look around to make sure they packed everything they were supposed to, and nothing they were not supposed to. Once the crew has left, they can only come back for a fee.
  7. Tips are never expected but are always appreciated. As a rough guideline, figure around 100 NIS per packer (or the local currency equivalent).
  8. If you have any questions or problems during pick-up, call your shipping specialist while the crew is there.

Customs Clearance Methods & Time Constraints

If you are shipping a Full Container Load you are only allowed 4 days free storage and demurrage (container rental charges) before expensive daily charges start to accrue. This means the customs clearing process must start as soon as the ship arrives, and all aliyah shipping documents must be on-hand before the ship arrives. You also must be able to accept delivery on one day’s notice (as the day we clear customs is the day before we will want to deliver). If this is not practical, let your Aliyah Shipping Specialist know before pick-up.

LCL loads receive thirty days free storage. Port facilities are suitable for short term storage, but not for more than 30-60 days. Your shipper may be able to offer you long-term storage facilities.

The following original documents are needed to clear your shipment through customs.  (Husband and wife both):

  • Foreign Passport (Picture Page)
  • Foreign Passport (Aliyah Visa Page)
  • Tuedat Zehut
  • Tuedat Oleh (Picture Page)
  • Israeli Passport (if you have one)
  • Lease or housing agreement 
  • Receipts for anything new

With your shipping agent your will need to complete a:

  • Customs Declaration
  • Signed Power of Attorney
  • Completed Delivery Instruction Sheet

Delivery & Accepting your Aliyah Shipment

Once your  shipment has cleared customs, a “Gate Pass” is issued and the shipment can be removed from the port.

Keep the delivery day clear, even if you have a small shipment. Once again, it’s a good day to send the kids/pets to a neighbor’s house. Goods are delivered and unloaded into their respective rooms.

Some packing tips

  • Before the crew arrives, number each room. While not everyone speaks every language, everyone understands 1, 2 and 3. Tape a piece of paper to each door, or on an easily visible wall, with the room number on it.
  • Have one person stand by the back of the truck and “tick” off each number (on the box) as it comes off the truck.
  • Have one person at the house entrance (not blocking the way, of course) telling the crew in which room number each piece goes.
  • Note any visible damage on the delivery receipt.
  • And, as we mentioned before, have plenty of cold water, snacks and a bathroom available for the delivery crew.

Post Aliyah Shipping Delivery

  • Once the goods are delivered, you have 30 days to submit damage notification - verify your insurance options with your shipping specialist.
  • Check all boxes for damage. In the event more than one item was damaged, you may file only one claim for all items.

Shipping Regulations & Updates

Some updates on items you may be bringing with you


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