Thursday, 15 November 2018


Import Regulations for New Immigrants

Hebrew: יבוא אישי לעולים חדשים



Gas Grills

January 2013 - Israeli Customs Authority now requires a "Teken" (Approval from Ministry of Standards) or a "Ptor" (Exemption from the approval) for ALL gas grills imported, even as personal import. Any import shipment containing a gas grill will be pulled for inspection, and the grill will be held by customs until the approval or exemption is issued. Charges for the inspection/ removal, and storage of the gas grill will be billed to you, the owner.


January 2013 - The Ashdod Customs House has decided to inspect any import shipment with a bicycle, to ensure that the bicycle is not motorized. Motorized bicycles require approval from Ministry of Transportation. The cost of f the inspection are billed to the owner of the goods. As of now,  this only applicable to shipments arriving to Ashdod.