Thursday, 15 November 2018

Shipping Costs to Israel

Get an Estimate for your Aliyah Shipment

Hebrewמחיר ההובלה - הובלות לישראל



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Planning your Aliyah Shipment

You should start to plan your aliyah shipping at least 60-90 days in advance.  Shipping is expensive, so don’t send something just because you have it.

Downsizing before Aliyah

Many olim live in smaller apartments in Israel than in their country of origin and mostly have very limited storage space.

Start by sorting your possessions into 4 groups and determine i) keep ii) trash iii) donate and iv) not sure.

Get a Shipping Estimate

  1. Contact the shippers for a very rough description-based estimate. This will give you an idea of how much items will cost to ship, based on their volume. If you can buy an item in Israel for less than it costs to ship, don’t ship it.
  2. Get a free visual survey and estimate - you pay for the volume of your shipment.
  3. When comparing written estimates, read the entire estimate.  Many companies, not based in Israel, will not include Terminal Handling Charges  (Destination Port Charges) in the “Door-to-door” total.  “Door-to-port” or “Port-to-port” estimates almost never include them, even though you will need to pay these fees (even when shipping for aliyah!)
  4. International shipping is very competitive, compare estimates carefully, discuss them with the shippers, and they will be able to explain the differences. It could be that one estimate is actually less than the other, it could be that one estimate is more inclusive of costs which you will need to pay.

Customs Clearance

If you are shipping a Full Container Load you are only allowed 4 days free storage and demurrage before expensive daily charges start to accrue. This means the customs clearing process must begin as soon as the ship arrives. Shipping documents must be available before the ship arrives. You must also be able to accept delivery on one day’s notice - the day following customs clearance. If this is not possible, advise your Aliyah shipping specialist before pick-up. It may make sense to ship as an LCL (less than container load) if you need storage.

References & Recommendations

Get references and recommendations not only from the shipping company, but also ask others that have shipped to Israel for Aliyah.


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