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Important information from the Home Front Command - Pikud HaOref. Safety Guidelines for Rocket Fire. There is always a constant and real threat of  war in Israel.  It's part of...
What is best for the Israeli household? A regular, upright, portable vacuum cleaner or a robot vacuum?
Honey Cake - A Traditional Favorite for Rosh Hashanah Hebrew: עוגת דבש I like honey cake to be moist and remain so even a few days after baking -- it should...


Packing your Suitcase for Aliyah

The Aliyah flight - What you should pack in your suitcase Your Aliyah or relocation shipment will only arrive in Israel a few weeks after...

Aliyah Sotry: Israel Cured Aaron Goldhammer

Israel Cured Me By: Aaron Goldhammer Nine years ago, when I was 19,  I got my 3rd right shoulder dislocation while playing water polo. So like...

Yerida – Leaving Israel

Yerida - Leaving Israel and After Aliyah The Hebrew word 'Yerida' - ירידה - means 'descent' or to go down.  It refers to immigrants who...

Worldwide Jewish Population

The Worldwide Jewish Population stands at 15.2 million. Nearly 7 million Jews live in Israel and over 8 million live outside of Israel.

Aliyah & Relocation Stress

Coping with Aliyah & Relocation Stress - 21 Coping Tips. Image credit: Unsplash Aliyah and relocation are major life decisions and require a lot of thought...

Hebrew to English Translated Water Bill

Learn Hebrew while paying your household water bill. Hebrew to English translation of a typical Israel water bill - חשבון מים Your water bill - If...

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Instructional video: Pay your Israel electricity bill online

Step-by-step instructions for paying the Hevrat HaHashmal (Israel Electric Corporation) household electricity bill online.     Transcript Welcome to another Anglo-List  video – Paying your Israel electricity bill online.  We know how difficult it...

Learn Hebrew Acronyms – Video

Instructional Video: Hebrew Acronyms Learn Hebrew A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.S and place names in only 4 minutes with this instructional video. We share some of the most useful Hebrew acronyms with you. Every Israeli...

The Druze Community & Visiting the Druze Villages

The Druze Community & Druze Villages in Northern Israel Hebrew:  העדה הדרוזית בישראל The History of the Druze The Druze Community (Druzim in Hebrew) have lived in...

Haifa Hotels

New hotels have sprung up in Haifa's mid-town and down-town, along the beach-front, near the convention center and MATAM as well as in the

Israel travel ban has been lifted for all countries.

Israel Covid travel ban was lifted on 7.01.22 at 00.01am. Israelis can now travel to any country that welcomes Israeli travelers. Foreigners