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Making Aliyah to Israel from South Africa.

Hebrew: עליה מדרום אפריקה


israel aliyah from south africa

Howzit and mazzies on your decision to make Aliyah from South Africa to Israel! It will be hard to leave sunny South Africa; leaving your loved ones behind, the lifestyle, Woolies food market, lekker boerewors and pap, biltong, Castle Lager and rooibos tea... Don't worry boet, it will all come right in time.

Southern African olim have made a major impact on Israeli society and the economy.  Outstanding members of the community have dedicated their time, money and love for the country and have helped it grow and improve.

A few notables with Southern African roots

Abba Eban - Aubrey Solomon Meir Eban

Foreign Affairs Minister, Education Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, ambassador to the USA and to the United Nations. Vice President of the United Nations General Assembly and President of the Weizmann Institute of Science.

Maxine Fassberg

Maxine made Aliyah in the 1960's.  She went back to South Africa and then returned for good in the '70s.  She began her career as an educator but switched careers some years later when she joined Intel as a lithography engineer.  Slowly she worked her way up and in 2007 she got the ultimate promotion and was named CEO of Intel Israel. Under her leadership, exports increased from $1.54 billion  to $2.7 billion. She was responsible for 7,300 employees!

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Paul & May Arieli-Goldschmidt z"l

Made Aliyah in the 1950s. Paul, a building engineer who worked on many notable projects in Haifa including some of the construction on the Bahai World Center.  Paul and May (a qualified pediatrician) Goldschmidt were respected members of the Haifa Anglo community.  Upon the tragic death of their son Louis (Heb: Ariel, aged 18), Paul and May dedicated much of their time to honouring Louis' memory.  Thanks to the Arielis, the Haifa Zoo was enlarged and refurbished and the Louis Promenade was built in the Central Carmel overlooking the Bahai Gardens, with a view that stretches to Israel's northern border.  The Arielis were benefactors of Beit Protea as well as of the Denya Shul, close to where they lived in Haifa, as well as of many, many other projects.

There are hundreds of South Africans who have made memorable contributions, in fact every South African oleh has done his/her bit and made us proud.

In the workplace, South African olim are known to be hard working, serious, motivated, honest, reliable and nice people all round.

For sporting enthusiasts you can join a cricket team or play some rugby and  lawn bowls too.

Telfed Office

Dorron Kline - Director of Telfed and his amazing team in Raanana and the Telfed regional volunteers around the country are available to help and guide new olim from Southern Africa, Australia & New Zealand.

South African Embassy in Israel

The South African embassy is located in Tel Aviv.

The South Africa Israel Center

The South Africa Israel Center is the representative of the Jewish Agency (Sochnut) in South Africa.

Tel: 011 645 2560

Facebook Groups

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  • Anglo-List

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