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Learn New Hebrew Words

שבט - שבת 

 tribe shevet


Let's learn 4 new Hebrew words that sound the same שבת and שבט, examine their meanings and understand how they are used.


Hebrew Transliteration Meaning Example
שֵׁבֶט Shayvet Tribe or group

In scouts (Tzofim) my son is in Shayvet Dekel


שְׁבָט Shevat 5th month in the Hebrew calendar

In the Jewish calendar, the month of Shevat falls in January or February in the Gregorian calendar.


שַׁבָּת Shabbat

7th day of the week.  Shabbat commences on Friday evening before sunset and ends on Saturday night after sunset.


Our guests are invited on Saturday for a Shabbat luncheon.
שָׁבַת Shavat To strike something or someone The man fell after the strike of the sword


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