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Facebook groups for Anglo-Olim and internationals in Israel.

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Anyone new to Israel knows how important networking is. The first step, even before making Aliyah or relocating to Israel, is to join online resources that offer networking opportunities and local groups for specific information.

There are hundreds of groups on Facebook that cater to English speakers living in Israel and we have put a list together with over 500 relevant groups as well as some international Jewish interest groups.




We invite you to join the Anglo-List network and become part of our Facebook family.  With more than 20,000 members you will make new friends, get lots of advice, share tips and build your network.

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Facebook Slang - 101

Did you know that the Hebrew slang word for Facebook is "Fase" (Face).  So if you are having a conversation with a local, you would say:

English - "I have to check my Facebook status now"

Transliteration - "Ani chayav/chayevet livdok et hastatus sheli b'Fase ach'shav!"

Hebrew - אני חייב/חייבת לבדוק את הסטטוס שלי בפייס עכשיו

Hebrew Slang - 102

This is not 'shtuyot b'mitz agvaniyot' - learn this and many other Hebrew slang words and you'll be a maven in no time....




If there is group you recommend and feel should be added to this list, pleas let us know via the comments section below.