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Hebrew English translation of the pink voting slip.

The pink voting slip for municipal, regional and general Knesset elections

Hebrew: פתק הצבעה

Close to the time of the elections (more or less now) all registered voters, over the age of 18 will receive the official, pink voting slip notification from Misrad Hapnim (Israel Ministry of the Interior) in the mail.   This notification, as shown below,  can be presented at the polling stations on election day.   Detailed on the voting slip is your name, your personal voting details and information regarding the polling station closest to your home, where you are required to cast your ballot.

Voter identification

If for some reason you do not receive this slip, you can still cast your vote by presenting one of the following identification documents:

1.  Teudat Zehut - Israel I.D. card

2.  A valid passport

3.  Valid driver's license

4.   IDF 'Hoger' identity card

Identification documents, without a photograph, are NOT considered valid means of identification for the purpose of the election for example your Health Fund membership card, credit card or retail club card.

There is only one kind of voting slip/voter identification card in Israel, and it looks like this

Front View









Back View







voting slip

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