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The Shabbos Project.

"Jews from all walks of life from all over the world, religious, secular and traditional, young and old, unite to experience one full Shabbat together, in full accordance with Jewish law ( The Shabbos Project is a global, grassroots movement that’s united 1,000,000+ Jews around the magic of Shabbat."

Shabbos project

"The idea is simple: Jews from all walks of life - from across the spectrum of religious affiliation, young and old, from all corners of the globe - come together to celebrate and keep one full Shabbat on 15/16 November 2019."

In 1,511 cities in 101 countries more than 1 million Jews have committed to keeping Shabbat on 15/16 November 2019.

Rabbi Warren Goldstein - Chief Rabbi of South Africa initiated this project and since its inception in 2013, the Shabbos Project has grown in popularity from year-to-year.

A host of activities have been arranged; women can join in the Challah Bakes on Thursday evening, there are also youth activities, Kabbalat Shabbat get-togethers, Shabbat dinners as well as as a selection of other events.  To find or host an event in your area, click here.  To register click here.

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