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2019 Israel Election Results

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Last Updated on July 11, 2021

Official 2019 Israel election results. 

64 percent of Israel’s eligible voters went to the polls on 9 April, 2019.  According to the Central Elections Committee, 4,303,415 Israeli citizens voted in these elections.

As at 04:00 on Friday, 12.4.2019, these are the official election results.


final israel election results 2019


Election Facts

  • Sixty four percent of eligible voters voted in Tuesday’s 21st general Knesset elections.
  • The election cost the tax payer around NIS 300 million
  • The paid vacation day for most of Israel’s workers and loss in working hours costs the country many, many, many millions more.
  • Final election results as at April 17th, 2019
  • 150,000 Israelis spent an enjoyable day in one of Israel’s national parks
  • The right-wing government is expected to hold 65 seats/mandates in the Knesset and the left-wing parties are expected to hold 55 seats in the Knesset.
  • The winning candidate has a maximum of 42 days to form a coalition – 28 days plus a 14 day extension that the incumbent President of Israel (Reuven Rivlin) is permitted to grant.
  • Bennett’s, Feiglin’s and Levy’s parties did not reach the minimum requirement of votes and are out of the running.
  • Nearly nine percent of all eligible votes – 366,049 – went to parties that didn’t make it past the electoral threshold.

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